Five Key Pieces of Advice for Historic Church Renovations

President of Solender/ Hall Inc Eliza Solender and leader of The Kessler School Cooper Koch share what they learned while remodeling a church in Oak Cliff to become the school's new home.

Nonprofits Are A Growing Sector for Real Estate Opportunities

Solender/Hall Inc.'s Eliza Solender says property owners should welcome charitable organizations as potential tenants and purchasers.

New office tenants land in Dallas’ Design District

Old commercial district northwest of downtown is getting new development.

Real Estate Projects Can Help Transform an Entire County

Eliza Solender of Solender/Hall Inc. says an 11-acre parcel of land for Metrocare's Hillside Innovation Center is one of those projects. Here's why.

Neighbor helps Uptown Players find new space for rehearsals

Preston Hollow neighbor Eliza Solender has helped professional theater group Uptown Players find their new home.

Uptown Players has a brand new home in the Design District

With the help of Solender/Hall, Inc., Uptown Players found its new home at 1327 Motor Circle that gives them more than 3,922 square feet for its offices, rehearsals, costumes and set construction.

Is It Risky Business When Nonprofits Become Landlords?

The COVID pandemic has harmed income for most nonprofit organizations. In addition, like the for-profit business community, many nonprofits had a substantial percentage of their employees working virtually.

11 Common Mistakes Made in Commercial Real Estate Deals

Industry veteran Eliza Solender shares the repeat offenders she's seen over the past three decades in the business.

Why Leasing to a Nonprofit is Better Than to a For-Profit Tenant

Unlike small business owners, it is extremely rare for a non-profit to have anyone personally guarantee as lease. In fact, I have NEVER had a non-profit client have someone personally guarantee a lease.

Prism HQ plans move to Baylor

A longtime North Texas health care organization is moving its headquarters to the Baylor University Medical Center campus in Old East Dallas.

Prism Locks in 46,000 SF on Baylor Healthcare Campus

Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX) has signed a 22,623-square-foot lease for the entire third floor at 3900 Junius St. for the organization’s administrative and executive offices.

The Business Case for Lending to Nonprofit Organizations

Less availability of affordable rent in desired locations, stricter zoning requirements, and a desire to have more control over their property have led many nonprofit organizations to consider purchasing real estate.

Solender/Hall Negotiates with Catholic Charities to House All Non-Shelter Services for Family Gateway

Family Gateway, which provides stability and life-changing supportive services to children and families affected by homelessness, has increased its capacity to serve more North Texas families through the opening of the new Simmons Family Gateway Resource Center.

Squeezed Out: Solving the Office Building Gentrification Problem for Nonprofit Organizations

Solender/Hall president says Nonprofit organizations are seeing more of their budgets going toward rent as they struggle to stay in city areas that are easily accessible.

The Real Estate Behind That Glass of Texas Wine

The Texas Wine Business Is Rapidly Growing, And With That Growth, There Are Real Estate Opportunities.

Helping Nonprofits Help Themselves

Solender/Hall’s Eliza Solender Talks About How Real Estate 101 Helps Nonprofits Navigate Complicated Issues.

TRECcast: Eliza Solender on 10 Years of Real Estate 101

On today’s episode, we reminisce about the 10-year anniversary of TREC’s Real Estate 101 program with instructor Eliza Solender of Solender/Hall, Inc.!

Power Women: She Ran Out The Clock In Her Brief TV Career, But Eliza Solender Landed In CRE Right On Time

As president and a broker at Solender/Hall, a commercial real estate consulting company, Eliza Solender is able to bring decades of experience in everything from human resources, university education and real estate to the world of commercial real estate. 

A Growing Area of Real Estate: Religious Organizations as Landlords

Transactions involving these groups differ dramatically from typical commercial leases. Here’s how.

Building A Vision – Expression, The Magazine of Emerson College

When Eliza Solender ’73 got to Emerson College, she found that what she wanted to learn couldn’t be covered by any one major. So she forged her own path.

CRE Opinion: Schoolhouse Rocks, Nuts, and Bolts

Listen up, class; Professor Solender is going to lay out the basics of putting together a private or charter school deal.

My Day: Eliza Solender – DCEO

Eliza Solender heads boutique commercial real estate company Solender/Hall Inc., representing nonprofit organizations and small- to medium-sized companies throughout Dallas-Fort Worth. Since 1991, Solender has been representing clients such as Metrocare Services, Dallas CASA, and the American Institute of Architects’ Dallas chapter.

CRE Opinion: Networking My Way to NASDAQ and Times Square

How networking with unexpected people can lead to unexpected business opportunities such as serving on the board of directors for other organizations.

Proud Winner of the Best Real Estate Deals in Dallas 2018 Award

Eliza Solender of Solender/Hall is proud to announce the selection of their deal with AIA Dallas/Dallas Center for Architecture as the winner for the Neighborhood Impact category of the Best Real Estate Deals in Dallas 2018 Award by the Dallas Business Journal.

Eliza Solender named to The Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Dallas-Fort Worth 2018

Eliza Solender is pleased to be included in D Magazine's list of Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers in DFW for the year 2018, under the Office Tenant Rep category.

Inside The Family Place – 40 Stories for 40 Years: Eliza Solender

Eliza Solender, president of Solender/Hall, Inc., has been a part of The Family Place’s progress since the earliest days. Recruited to serve on the board by our founder and first board president, Gerry Beer, Eliza became our third board president following Margaret Estes, and served from 1985 to 1987.

CRE Opinion: Tips for Working with Your Spouse

How to work with your spouse when each of you have a valuable set of skills to benefit your business.

CRE Opinion: How AIA Dallas Has Been an Urban Pioneer

From 1985 to 2018, AIA Dallas' real estate decisions show how forward-thinking the professional organization is.

Mujeres Banderas Announces Closing of Southern Dallas Real Estate Asset

Mujeres Banderas III, a long-time real estate partnership comprised primarily of CREW members in Dallas and San Francisco, recently closed on the sale of a 16,000-square-foot warehouse property in Southern Dallas.

Real Estate 101 for Nonprofits Returns for Eighth Year

For the eighth consecutive year, TREC Foundation is presenting its Real Estate 101 For Nonprofits course. During five sessions from August through December, nearly 200 Dallas nonprofits will learn how to make informed real estate decisions through a curriculum and lecture series I’ve developed.

CRE Opinion: Sometimes You Have to Get in Your Car

Under certain circumstances, it pays to assess a market’s real estate the old-fashioned way.

CRE Opinion: Progress Toward Making That First Million In CRE

A conversation with a millennial broker who's working towards achieving financial security.

Eliza Solender: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth—Advice on Accepting Gifts of Real Estate

A policy on accepting real estate gifts can go a long way in avoiding any misunderstandings down the road.

Eliza Solender: DCAD Data—Big Changes

Solender/Hall President Eliza Solender shares nine tips that can mitigate liabilities involved.

Eliza Solender: Tips For Leveraging DCAD Data

Researching properties is a tedious process. The commercial real estate databases and Google play major roles in any research. However, I always the Dallas County Appraisal District website is where I find some of my most valuable information.

Eliza Solender: Power Lunching 2016

Back in the 1980s, there were a lot of articles and books about power lunching. The most popular book on the subject was, “Power Lunching: How You Can Profit from a More Effective Lunch Strategy” by Ligita Lienhart and Melvin Pisel.

Eliza Solender: This Could be the Right Time to Give a Gift of Real Estate

Even in this booming commercial real estate environment, you or your clients may be faced with the dilemma of holding real estate they no longer want and are having a difficult time selling it. Rather than holding on to it with all the expenses and liabilities of continuing ownership, an alternative is giving the real estate to a legitimate charity that can benefit from the gift.

“Gifts of Real Property Policy and Procedure,” by Elizabeth Solender, 2002 (Updated 2014)

Attached you will find a template that can be used to create a company's Gifts of Real Property Policy and Proocedure document.  The Purpose of this documente is to define the policies and procedures for accepting proposed gifts of real property to Organization.

“The Real Estate Council’s emphasis on giving back drives Foundation’s philanthropic efforts,” Dallas Morning News, October 18, 2015

The Real Estate Council not only represents over 1,700 real estate professionals and 500 companies throughout North Texas, it also aids local governments and needy individuals and families through its various philanthropic and educational endeavors.

Eliza Solender: A Very Special Deal

So often it is not the size of the real estate deal or even the property that makes it very special. That is the case with the recent agreement I helped negotiate between the Deaf Action Center (DAC) and Cathedral of Hope.

“Women in Business 2015: Eliza Solender, President, Solender/Hall Inc.” Dallas Business Journal, August 28, 2015

From transforming a former bowling alley into the Dallas Children’s Theater, a doctor’s office into one of Dallas’ top-rated restaurants and a church publication’s office into the SPCA’s new home, Eliza Solender has helped shape the face of North Texas.

“School Purchases Property for New Headquarters,” Dallas Morning News, May, 15, 2015

Mi Escuelita Preschool recently purchased the former Chapel Hills Presbyterian Church property at 10210 Webb Chapel Road in Dallas.

Eliza Solender: Talking Trash, and the Importance of First Impressions

Let’s talk trash. I mean real trash! I have been doing a lot of thinking about trash and the message it sends about a property because ...

Named a Top Contributor “The Millionaire Broker in the Office Next Door by Eliza Solender” Christine Perez, D Real Estate Annual 2015

A lot of savvy commercial real estate brokers have very quietly amassed a lot of personal money. But how did they do it?

Eliza Solender: It’s Time to Become a Philanthropist

When someone is described as a philanthropist, we think of a wealthy individual who is giving away millions of dollars, perhaps as ...

“What You Don’t Know About Eliza Solender,” Bisnow, October 1, 2014

Solender/Hall prez Eliza Solender is known for repping non-profit orgs in all of their real estate needs.

Realtor vs. Salesperson vs. Broker

I cringe whenever someone calls me a Realtor. What bothers me is that the person calling me a Realtor clearly does not see the difference between a residential or commercial real estate professional. Those of us in the industry know there is a huge difference!

Eliza Solender: The Millionaire Broker in the Office Next Door

I had lunch a couple of weeks ago with two young agents celebrating a deal we had just completed. They asked if I had any advice for ...

Solender/Hall Completes Sale of Unity Church of Dallas Land for New Gated Upscale Community on Forest Lane June 19, 2014

Representing the Unity Church of Dallas, Eliza Solender and Gary Scott of Solender/Hall announced that they have completed the sale of a 3.8537-acre site on Forest Lane to CADG Forest Lane 18, LLC, under a contract with Charles Hicks of Hicks III Investments.

Solender/Hall Helps Lifenet Texas Purchase Buildings to Expand Services

Lifenet Texas, a local nonprofit that helps rebuild the lives of people in need, has purchased its current 18,000-square-foot building along with three adjacent buildings so that it can increase services in the Lake Highlands area.

Eliza Solender: “Not In My Building!”

I have become an expert in having my nonprofit clients be rejected by landlords, and this is not a particularly satisfying ...

Solender/Hall Helps Two Nonprofit Organizations Put Real Estate to Work for Their Missions

In one deal with big benefits to the community, Solender Hall, a commercial real estate firm specializing in nonprofit transactions, helped two nonprofit organizations remain neighbors next to the Wilson Historic District so that they could expand their work on behalf of North Texas children.

Solender/Hall Finds New Location for Dallas Institution Perky Poodle

Solender/Hall announced that it has completed a lease for Perky Poodle Grooming & Boutique’s new 2,100 square foot location at 4560 West Mockingbird Lane, Suite 126, Dallas, at the Shops at Mockingbird.

Eliza Solender: Real Estate Takeaways From Morocco

If Dallas-Fort Worth finds itself short of construction cranes, Neal Sleeper and I can tell you where to find them; they’ve gone to ...

Eliza Solender: Using CRE Skills in Your Own Neighborhoods

As a commercial real estate brokerage professional, I spend a lot of time helping clients develop a real estate strategic plan. The ...

Eliza Solender: Realtor vs. Salesperson vs. Broker

I cringe whenever someone calls me a Realtor. Technically a Realtor must be a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), an ...

Eliza Solender: Beware of APZs and PRZs

The great thing about working in commercial real estate is that you never stop learning. Earlier this year I learned about Accident ...

Eliza Solender: Donating Leased Space, Ctd.

I received some interesting emails following the publication of my last post. I must say there are certainly some creative ...

“Top Women in Commercial Real Estate,” Commercial Property Executive, March, 2013

Today's commercial real estate industry features a more diverse population than ever before, thanks in large part to some very proactive individuals and companies.

Donating Leased Space – It’s Not What You Think

“Will the landlord donate leased space to us as a charitable gift?” or “Can’t the landlord lease us space at a below market rate and take the difference as a donation?” I get asked some version of these two questions every week.

Eliza Solender: Donating Leased Space—It’s Not What You Think

“Will the landlord donate leased space to us as a charitable gift?” or “Can’t the landlord lease us space at a below market rate and ...

Eliza Solender: Involvement Leads to Rewards

Sometimes it is good to reflect on past experiences and how they have influenced your career, with an eye toward how they might apply ...

“Making an Impact,” Commercial Property Executive, November, 2012

During the 2012 Convention & Marketplace, the Commercial Real Estate Women Network honored eight women for outstanding leadership contributions to the industry and women's professional advancement.

“The Big Picture Extraordinary People Doing the Extra Ordinary,” LIFElines Official Newsletter of AIDS Arms, Inc., Summer/Fall 2012

What happens when you add together entrepreneurship, a passion for serving the community, and almost 35 years of marriage?

Eliza Solender: Nontraditional Users Make Great Retail Tenants

We get contacted all the time by retail brokers who know we specialize in representing nonprofit organizations. They usually do so ...

“Deep in Hollow Eliza Solender,” Preston Hollow People, August 12, 2011

Eliza Solender found her niche helping nonprofits navigate property decisions after following her father, Robert, into the commercial real estate industry.

“Q&A: Elizabeth Solender, Solender/Hall, Inc.,” by Candace Carlisle, Dallas Business Journal, July 29 – August 4, 2011.

It's not the rush of the deal but marathon-like patience that somehow drives Eliza Solender to spend anywhere from a year to five years on a commercial real estate transaction.

“Steps for Accepting Gifts of Property With a Mortgage,” Source: Elizabeth Solender, The Major Gifts Report, April 2011.

If your nonprofit receives a bequest that includes a house with a mortgage, your first step is to retain the services of an attorney, appraiser and real estate broker, says Elizabeth E. Solender, president of Solender/Hall, Inc.

“Office Space,” by Joyce Finn, MARCH Magazine, November, 2010.

In 1991, Eliza Solender, owner of Solender Hall Inc., launched a pioneering commercial real-estate and consulting business catering to the realty needs of nonprofit organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Lagging Behind,” (Corporate Board Diversity) by Karen Nelson, Dallas Business Journal, February 5-11, 2010

Women and minorities are making inroads onto North Texas company boards. Yet, their representation is still shockingly below the national average for public companies.

“Commerical Real Estate Gifts Red Flags” by Elizabeth Solender, The Major Gifts Report, December 2009.

Be careful when accepting gifts of real estate, warns Elizabeth E. Solender, president of Solender/Hall, Inc. (Dallas, TX), a company that specializes in nonprofit commercial real estate.

“Two Minutes with Eliza Solender,” by SP Hormillosa, Dallas Business Journal, August 21-27, 2009

Eliza Solender's service mentality is being put to the test these days.

“Accepting Gifts of Real Estate in a Down Economy” by Elizabeth Solender, The Major Gifts Report, April, 2009.

Determining whether to accept a gift of real estate depends on the type of real estate and the organization's needs, says Elizabeth E. Solender, president, Solender/Hall, Inc.

“Giving Counsel,” The Dallas Foundation, Fall, 2008.

Corporations, foundations and individuals often face the dilemma of holding real estate they no longer want.

“Ebby Award,” People Newspapers, May 30, 2008.

Each year, Our Friends Place presents the Ebby Award to a deserving individual who has significantly contributed to the advancement of girls and young women in North Texas.

“Charter School Operator Adds Three Campuses,” by Bill Hethcock, Dallas Business Journal, August 24, 2007.

The nonprofit charter school operator is opening Williams Preparatory at 1750 Viceroy Drive in Dallas, the Hampton Campus at 8915 Hampton Road in Dallas and Summit lntemational Preparatory at 1100 Roosevelt St. in Arlington for the 2007-2008 school year.

“Do You Have a Policy for Real Estate Gifts?” by Elizabeth Solender, Nonprofit World, May/June, 2007.

In a tough economy, nonprofits need to seek donations other than the usual appreciated stocks and personal checks.

“Are You Audit Ready?” by Elizabeth Solender, Associations Now, September, 2006.

In the spring of 2005, the Dallas professional association affiliate of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) was enjoying tremendous success.

“Uplift Education Looking for Two New School Sites,” by Cynthia D. Webb, Dallas Business Journal, July 14-20, 2006.

Uplift Education is looking for a few good buildings.

“SPCA Closes on Purchase of Building,” by Cynthia D. Webb, Dallas Business Journal, June 9-15, 2006.

The SPCA of Texas has closed on the purchase of UMR Communications' 72,000-square-foot facility at Lone Star Park in Dallas.

“Senior Support Group Purchases Big Building,” by Cynthia D. Webb, Dallas Business Journal, May 26-June 1, 2006.

The baby boomers are coming, and The Senior Source of Greater Dallas is getting ready.

“CREW Careers,” Dallas Business Journal, February 24 – March 2, 2006.

Presenting a check for $100,00 to the CREW Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Commercial Real Estate Women network, is Elizabeth Trocchio, right, executive managing director of Cushman & Wakefield of Texas Inc.

“Medisend Swallows Growth Pill,” by Cynthia D. Webb, Dallas Business Journal, July 29-August 4, 2005.

Nonprofit wants to send more medical supplies abroad.

“SPCA Plots Move as Road Project Nears,” by Cynthia D. Webb, Dallas Business Journal, December 24-30, 2004.

A study to be released in January by the SPCA of Texas indicates the time is right for a $7.5 million capital campaign to replace the SPCA's Dallas headquarters.

“Nonprofit Buys New Building for Aging Center,” by Cynthia D. Webb, Dallas Business Journal, March 5-11, 2004.

American Foundation for the Blind to showcase new technologies.

“Leases Profit Nonprofits,” by Stephanie Patrick, Dallas Business Journal, May 30 – June 5, 2003.

Steven Pace scoured building throughout the area looking for a location for his nonprofit agency that would provide easy access via bus and allow for construction of a commercial-size kitchen.

“Evaluating Real Estate Gifts,” by Elizabeth Solender, Association Management, February, 2003

The Association of Executive Search Consultant, New York City, has revised its professional practice guidelines for the first time in six years.

“Lending to Charities: It’s Good Business!,” by Elizabeth Solender, Philanthropy in Texas, July/August, 2001.

Dramatically increasing rental rates, stricter zoning laws, and more generous donors are driving a significant number of charitable organizations to purchase real estate.

“Lending to Charities It’s Good Business,” by Elizabeth Solender, Commercial Lender, 2nd Quarter 2000.

Dramatically increasing rental rates, stricter zoning laws, and more generous donors are driving a significant number of charitable organizations to purchase real estate.

“A Win for all sides involved: Giving gifts of real estate,” by Elizabeth Solender & John Hufnagle, Washington Business Journal, September, 1999.

Frequently, corporations, foundation and individuals are faced with the dilemma of holding reals estate they no longer want.

“Rent or Buy? How to Choose a Place of Your Own,” by Elizabeth E. Solender, Nonprofit World, Vol. 16, No 2, March/April, 1998.

Most nonprofit organizations count real estate costs second only to personnel costs in their budgets.

“Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth,” by Elizabeth E. Solender and Cynthia Wilson Krause, Nonprofit World, Vol. 16, No. 1, January/February, 1998.

The phone rings, and a prospective donor offers you "valuable" real estate worth far more than your typical contribution.

“Setting the Ground Rules for Contributions of Real Estate,” by Cynthia Wilson Krause & Elizabeth E. Solender, Journal of Taxation of Exempt Organizations, Vol. 9, No. 3, November/December, 1997.

The telephone rings and a prospective donor offers a "valuable" piece of real estate- worth far more than a typical contribution-to the executive director of a charity.

“Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Receiving Gifts of Real Estate,” by Eliza Solender & Cynthia Wilson Krause, Fund Raising Management, November, 1997.

For charities, it's not wise to accept real estate gifts on impulse. The best way to be prepared is to establish policies and procedures for accepting gifts of real estate from a prospective donor.

“Wearing One Hat: Avoiding the Real Estate Trap on a Nonprofit Board,” by Eliza Solender, Philanthropy in Texas, June, 1997.

Real estate transactions involve some of the most significant business decisions made by a nonprofit organization.

“Planning for Non-Profit Real Estate Differs from Business World,” by Eliza Solender, Fund Raising Management, March, 1997.

Most non-profit organizations count real estate costs second only to those of personnel in the budget.

“When the Land is Free,” by Elizabeth Solender & Cynthia Wilson Krause, National Society of Fund Raising Executives, 1997.

A gift of real estate has more potential than most gifts to become a liability for an organization. A not-for-profit needs clear policies for evaluating and accepting such gifts.