For the eighth consecutive year, TREC Foundation is presenting its Real Estate 101 For Nonprofits course. During five sessions from August through December, nearly 200 Dallas nonprofits will learn how to make informed real estate decisions through a curriculum and lecture series I’ve developed.

Most importantly, TREC members volunteer their time to serve on panels during these sessions and offer their expertise. We’ve had some fantastic panel members over the years, like Bill Kramer, Diane Butler and Michael Krywucki, among many others.

I work with nonprofits every day in my brokerage business. While every group has a different mission, they all have similar choices to consider. Even nonprofits need to decide whether to lease or buy, sell or hold, relocate due to changing demographics, plan for expiring leases and take advantage of a down market or manage a hot market.

TREC Foundation is dedicated to improving the real estate knowledge base of Dallas nonprofits and Real Estate 101 for Nonprofits is but one way of achieving it. By helping these nonprofits with their real estate decisions, organizations can reduce costs – both financial and time – and therefore serve more clients.

To participate in the course, nonprofits must formally submit applications so we have a better understanding of their plans and goals before they meet with us. During the sessions, they get both personalized real estate advice and the opportunity to analyze the dilemmas facing other organizations. Collaboration between these nonprofits often happens results, while some also pursue grants from TREC Foundation or loans from TREC Community Fund.

I truly believe this program is a great benefit to the DFW nonprofit community. I am honored that TREC gave me the opportunity to create the program and appreciate that TREC has found this a worthwhile program.  It is a mission with which I completely and proudly agree.

This article originally published on TREC Wire