Christian Scott

Director of Research

Christian Scott has worked part-time at Solender/Hall for many years as Director of Research and overseeing the company databases.

He has worked full-time in public education from 2001-2019. He taught Middle School Theatre Arts and Film & Broadcast History. He served as the Electives Department Chair at his campus, and was a member of the Campus Leadership Team as well as the Technology Committee. Christian built a very successful extra-curricular theatre productions and Thespian program on his campus.

Christian holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from Texas Wesleyan University, where he held an assistantship for Theatre Administration and Videography. While in college, and for a few years after, he owned a video editing company, filming and editing weddings, family events, and creating video slideshows.

In his spare time, Christian leads youth leadership and community-building activity workshops focusing on teaching young people how to create a sense of togetherness, openness, ownership, and responsible empowerment in their home programs. He runs a small web network which includes, an educational resource site. Christian also enjoys playwriting, with an aim at providing middle school dramatists challenging, yet age appropriate, production material.