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Category Archives: D Real Estate Daily

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Power Lunching 2016

Back in the 1980s, there were a lot of articles and books about power lunching. The most popular book on the subject was, “Power Lunching: How You Can Profit from a More Effective Lunch Strategy” by Ligita Lienhart and Melvin Pisel. Written in 1985, it comes across today as a fun “how to” book that gives an interesting history of the way the supposed …

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A Very Special Deal

So often it is not the size of the real estate deal or even the property that makes it very special. Full Story

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Eliza Solender: Talking Trash, and the Importance of F...

Pride of ownership and professionalism should not be limited to Class A properties. Full Story

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It’s Time to Become a Philanthropist

Most of us have had a pretty successful 2014. As we approach the end of the year, I want to encourage my commercial real estate colleagues to become philanthropists by giving back to the community that has been so supportive of us. Full Story

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Realtor vs. Salesperson vs. Broker

I cringe whenever someone calls me a Realtor. What bothers me is that the person calling me a Realtor clearly does not see the difference between a residential or commercial real estate professional. Those of us in the industry know there is a huge difference! Full Story

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The Millionaire Broker in the Office Next Door

There are a lot of savvy commercial real estate brokers, who very quietly have amassed a lot of personal money. But how did they do it? Here are a few of my suggestions to become long-term wealthy in this business. Full Story

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“Not In My Building!”

I have become an expert in having my nonprofit clients be rejected by landlords, and this is not a particularly satisfying expertise. Full Story

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Real Estate Takeaways From Morocco

If Dallas-Fort Worth finds itself short of construction cranes, Neal Sleeper and I can tell you where to find them; they’ve gone to the Kingdom of Morocco. Full Story

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